SMDK - Publish to Hub

SMDK publish give developers the ability to publish their own SmartModules to the Hub.

This section assumes that my-filter project has been built.


Publish - Operation

From your my-filter directory and use the publish command:

$ smdk publish
Creating package john/my-filter@0.1.0
.. fill out info in hub/package-meta.yaml
Package hub/my-filter-0.1.0.ipkg created
Package uploaded!

Inspect Result

Ensure that your SmartModule has been uploaded to the Hub:

$ fluvio hub smartmodule list
  SMARTMODULE                 Visibility 
  john/my-filter@0.1.0        private    

The SmartMoudule is now available for download by anyone with access to the [Hub].

Congratulations 🎉! You are now ready to build, test, and publish your own SmartModules.



  1. Generate a SmartModule
  2. Build and Test
  3. Load to your Cluster
  4. Publish to SmartModule Hub