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Hub Download

Download operation sends a copy of the SmartModule from the Hub to the local or Cloud cluster, defined by the profile in the Fluvio Client. After downloading, all SmartModules, regardless of their source, are treated the same.


SmartModule Hub is powered by InfinyOn Cloud, which requires a Cloud account and the CLI:


Download - Operation

There are two methods for downloading SmartModules from SmartModule Hub:


Download with InfinyOn Cloud

In InfinyOn Cloud, the Hub collapses multiple versions of the same SmartModule in one object. For example:

        -> `infinyon/regex-filter@0.1.0`
        -> `infinyon/regex-filter@0.1.2`
        -> `infinyon/regex-filter@0.2.1`
  1. Click Hub from the top menu.

    All Public and Public-Owned SmartModules are displayed.

  2. Choose the SmartModule you want to download, pick a version, and click Download

    The SmartModule is downloaded to your cluster and the state of the button changes.


Download with Fluvio CLI

Downloading a SmartModule From the Hub is as follows:

$ fluvio hub download infinyon/json-sql@0.1.0 
trying connection to fluvio router.infinyon.cloud:9003
downloading infinyon/json-sql@0.1.0 to infinyon-json-sql-0.1.0.ipkg
... downloading complete
... checking package
... cluster smartmodule install complete