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Hub List

List operation retrieves all SmartModules available for download in the SmarModule Hub for a specific user. By default, users can retrieve all public SmartModules and all private SmartModules that match their group assignment. Organization-level sharing rules will be available in future releases.


SmartModule Hub is powered by InfinyOn Cloud, which requires a Cloud account and the CLI:


List - Operation

There are two methods for listing SmartModules in SmartModule Hub:


List with InfinyOn Cloud

SmartModule Hub has a dedicated section in the InfinyOn Cloud interface.

  1. Clck Hub on from top menu.

    All Public and Public-Owned SmartModules are displayed.

  2. User Filters to choose a specific Group or All.

    Only SmartModules matching the filter are displayed.


List with Fluvio CLI

Listing Hub SmartModule from the CLI is staright forward:

$ fluvio hub list
  SMARTMODULE                  Visibility 
  infinyon/jolt@0.1.0          public     
  infinyon/json-sql@0.1.0      public     
  infinyon/regex-filter@0.1.0  public

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