SMDK - Load to Cluster

SMDK load give developers the ability to upload their own SmartModules to a local or InfinyOn Cloud clusters.

This section assumes that my-filter project has been built.


Load - Operation

From your my-filter directory and use the load command:

$ smdk load
Loading package at: ~/smdk/my-filter
Found SmartModule package: my-filter
loading module at: ~/smdk/my-filter/target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release-lto/my_filter.wasm
Trying connection to fluvio
Creating SmartModule: my-filter

The SmartMoudule is uploaded to the cluster that your current profile. If you want to upload the SmartModule to multiple clusters, just switch the profile and run the load command again.


Inspect Result

Ensure that your SmartModule has been uploaded by running the following command :

$ fluvio smartmodule list
  SMARTMODULE                  SIZE     
  aj/my-filter@0.1.0            85.7 KB

SmartModules can be used in Consumers and Connectors. Future releases will expand this capability to other system components.


Test with Consumers

SmartModules are applied to consumers with the --smartmodule argument. Let’s setup a topic and produce some random text.

Create a topic:

$ fluvio topic create test
topic "test" created

Produce random data:

$ fluvio produce test 
> cats
> dogs
> start
> stop
> ^C

Consume using my-filter:

$ fluvio consume test -dB --smartmodule aj/my-filter@0.1.0
Consuming records from the beginning of topic 'test'

The -B tells the consumer to read from the beginning of the stream, and -d disables continuous reading.


Test with Cloud Connectors

SmartModule are applied to InfinyOn Cloud Connectors using fluvio cloud connector command. In this example we use the http-source connector with transforms to invoke our filter.

Copy the following connector configuration into aconnector.yml file:

version: 0.3.0
name: cat-facts
type: http-source
topic: cats
direction: source
  interval: 10s
  - uses: acme/my-filter@0.1.0
    invoke: filter

Create a connector using the configuration file.

$ fluvio cloud connector create --config connector.yaml
connector "cat-facts" (http-source) created

The conector creates a topic called cats and filters out all records without letter a. Note, this exammple shows a general use case rather than a practical use case (as virtually all entries will have the letter ‘a’).



  1. Generate a SmartModule
  2. Build and Test
  3. Load to your Cluster
  4. Publish to SmartModule Hub