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Start & Shutdown

This section assumes that CDK is installed and my-connector project has been generated.


Connector start

Testing your connector runs the process in the foreground.

When you are ready, you can run cdk deploy start to run your connector in the background.

$ cdk deploy start --config config-example.yaml 
Log file: /private/tmp/my-connector/my-connector.log
Connector runs with process id: 88589


In order to use secrets, you can use the --secrets flag to pass a file with the secrets definition.

$ cdk deploy start --config config-example.yaml --secrets secrets.txt

In the secrets file, you should define a secret per line in the format SECRET_NAME=SECRET_VALUE.


Connector shutdown

Conversely, when you want to stop running your connector, you can run cdk deploy shutdown <connector name> to stop the running process of your connector in background.

You can access the connector name from the list of your running connectors, or you can find the connector name in your config file.

  1. Install CDK
  2. Generate a SmartConnector
  3. Build and Test
  4. Start and Shutdown
  5. List and Logs
  6. Publish to SmartConnector Hub