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Build & Test

This section assumes that CDK is installed and my-connector project has been generated.


Build - Operation

Navigate to my-connector project directory and run build

$ cdk build
Compiling my-connector v0.1.0 (~/cdk/my-connector)
 Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 1m 12s

The build process generated a binary for your custom connector. We are now ready to test it.


Test - Operation

If the connector builds successfully, it’s time to start an instance with cdk test:

The --config <PATH> argument is required. It is a path to the configuration file in YAML format.

Generating the project with cdk generate should have created a sample config for you named config-example.yaml

$ cdk test --config config-example.yaml 
    Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.16s
Connector runs with process id: 80380
Starting my-connector source connector with CustomConfig { foo: "bar" }

SmartConnector output will be redirected to the current terminal output.

To stop running SmartConnector in test mode, press Ctrl+C.



  1. Install CDK
  2. Generate a SmartConnector
  3. Build and Test
  4. Start and Shutdown
  5. List and Logs
  6. Publish to SmartConnector Hub