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This section assumes that CDK is installed and my-connector project has been generated.



The final step in this scenario would be publishing the Connector to the Hub - where other users can download and integrate it into their data pipelines.

If run without arguments, it will pack everything needed into a package and push the package to the Hub. (cdk buildmust be executed beforehand)

If you need to inspect the package before the push:

% cdk publish --pack
Using hub https://hub-dev.infinyon.cloud
Creating package aj/my-connector@0.1.0
.. fill out info in hub/package-meta.yaml
Package hub/my-connector-0.1.0.ipkg created

Check the file and then push. The file is a Tar Gzip archive.

$ cdk publish --push hub/my-connector-0.1.0.ipkg

publish command uses hub/package-meta.yml file with the metadata needed for the Hub. If it doesn’t exist, cdk creates it for you. Then, you can modify it, and the changes will be picked up on the subsequent command execution.

  1. Install CDK
  2. Generate a SmartConnector
  3. Build and Test
  4. Start and Shutdown
  5. List and Logs
  6. Publish to SmartConnector Hub