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The fluvio smartmodule family of commands is used to create and delete SmartModules, as well as to view basic information about existing SmartModules.


fluvio smartmodule create

This command is used to create new Fluvio SmartModules. A SmartModule must be given a name and provided with a path to a WASM binary which will be uploaded and used for the SmartModule.

Create a new SmartModule with a given name

Usage: fluvio smartmodule create [OPTIONS] --wasm-file <WASM_FILE> <NAME>

  <NAME>  The name of the SmartModule to create

      --wasm-file <WASM_FILE>  The path to a WASM binary to create the SmartModule from
      --package <PACKAGE>      The path to the SmartModule package (experimental)
  -h, --help                   Print help

Example usage:

$ fluvio smartmodule create json-filter --wasm-file=target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/json_filter.wasm


fluvio smartmodule list

This command shows all the registered SmartModules in your cluster.

List all existing SmartModules

Usage: fluvio smartmodule list [OPTIONS]

  -O, --output <type>    Output [default: table] [possible values: table, yaml, json]
      --filter <FILTER>  
  -h, --help             Print help

Example usage:

$ fluvio smartmodule list
 NAME          STATUS             SIZE
 json-filter   SmartModuleStatus  142843


fluvio smartmodule delete

This command will delete an existing SmartModule by name.

Delete one or more SmartModules with the given name(s)

Usage: fluvio smartmodule delete [OPTIONS] <name>...

  <name>...  One or more name(s) of the smartmodule(s) to be deleted

  -c, --continue-on-error  Continue deleting in case of an error
  -h, --help               Print help

Example usage:

$ fluvio smartmodule delete json-filter