This Week in Fluvio #60

Apr 23, 2024

Fluvio is a distributed, programmable streaming platform written in Rust.

We are back after a month of intense development work. We released Fluvio 0.11.6 this week. Stateful Data Flows is going to launch in Public Beta in May 2024. We are heading into an exciting period with more community activities planned.


New release

We are pleased share that Fluvio v0.11.6 is now available!

Thank you to our newest contributor:

To update you can run fvm update

$ fvm update

info: Updating fluvio stable to version 0.11.6. Current version is 0.11.5.
info: Downloading (1/5): fluvio@0.11.6
info: Downloading (2/5): fluvio-cloud@0.2.19
info: Downloading (3/5): fluvio-run@0.11.6
info: Downloading (4/5): cdk@0.11.6
info: Downloading (5/5): smdk@0.11.6
done: Installed fluvio version 0.11.6
done: Now using fluvio version 0.11.6

If you don’t have Fluvio in your machine run:

curl -fsS | bash

If you are enjoying Fluvio please share with your friends!


New features

We made the self hosted experience easier with the following:

  • Comprehensive offset management on Fluvio streams is implemented in this version, we are working on stabilizing and the next version would have it generally available in connectors, consumers and all of fluvio.
  • fluvio cluster shutdown and fluvio cluster resume preserving the starting configuration of the local cluster on resume.
  • Advanced mirroring and caching is in dev and being reviewed to be available in the next release.

Upcoming features

InfinyOn Stateful Data Flows is going to be in Public Beta in May 2024. Stateful Data Flows is a new product that will allow you to build end to end stream processing data flows on Fluvio streams.

We have released 8 developer preview iterations and shared with 50 to 100 developers. If you’d like access to the private beta, please fill out this form.


Bug fixes

This release includes a number of new features, bug fixes, documentation improvements, and improved error messaging.

See the CHANGELOG for details


Good First Issues

We love our open source community contributors. Here are some issues that you could contribute to. All the best.


New blog post

We are building a series on Stateful Data Flow primitives. This is the introduction post: The absolute beginners guide to dataflow primitives

Get in touch with us on Github Discussions or join our Discord channel and come say hello!

For the full list of changes this week, be sure to check out our CHANGELOG.