This Week in Fluvio #34

May 25, 2022

Fluvio is a distributed, programmable streaming platform written in Rust.

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New release


New features

  • Support installing clusters on Google Kubernetes Engine (#2364)

Developer experience improvements

  • [CI] Make Zig Install more reliable (#2388)
  • Add path setting hint for fish shell in install script (#2389)

New video

Here’s the recording from our CTO, Sehyo Chang’s recent talk Building a WASM Powered Distributed Streaming Platform at Cloud Native Wasm Day EU 2022.

It is about the design challenges experienced by today’s stream processing architectures, and how Fluvio SmartModules leverage WebAssembly with Rust to solve these problems.


Open positions

Get in touch with us on Github Discussions or join our Discord channel and come say hello!

For the full list of changes this week, be sure to check out our CHANGELOG.