This Week in Fluvio #30

Apr 27, 2022

Fluvio is a distributed, programmable streaming platform written in Rust.

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New release

  • Fluvio v0.9.24
  • DynamoDB Sink connector (Unsupported as of Fluvio v0.10.0)
    • The Dynamodb Sink Connector is a sink connector which reads events from a Fluvio topic, deserializes them as json and inserts those key value pairs based on the columns in the config.
  • Slack Sink connector (Unsupported as of Fluvio v0.10.0)
    • The Slack Connector is quite simple. It will stringify any record coming from a Fluvio stream and POST it to the slack via a slack webhook url

New features

  • Storage: Enforce size based retention for topic (#2179)
    • Previously, Fluvio supported only a time-based retention policy for data in a topic. For some workloads, it was inconvenient as it was needed to consider the incoming data pace to properly calculate retention time to fit the data into the available storage size. With this new feature, you can tell Fluvio what is the maximum size of the partition you want, and it will control it for you. Check out the details in Data Retention.
  • Export cluster profile to a file (#2327)
    • Can be used to initialize the connection to a Fluvio cluster via client APIs.

Bug fixes

  • Don’t try to use directories as smartmodule if passed as argument (#2292)
  • CLI: Migrate all fluvio crates to comfy-table from prettytable-rs (#2285)

New blog post

  • Real-time Gaining Momentum in the Enterprise
    • Grant shares how legacy data infrastructures operate and how Infinyon with Fluvio’s community are positioned to leverage modern technology for faster and higher quality data infrastructures.

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