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CDK is an independent executable downloadable via Fluvio CLI:

$ fluvio install cdk
Connector Development Kit
Usage: cdk <COMMAND>
  build       Build the Connector in the current working directory
  test        Build and run the Connector in the current working directory
  generate    Generate new SmartConnector project
  deploy      Deploy the Connector from the current working directory
  publish     Publish Connector package to the Hub
  set-public  Set connector visibility to public
  help        Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
  -h, --help  Print help

The executable is installed in ~/.fluvio/bin directory, the same directory as fluvio. The command should be immediately accessible at the prompt:



  1. Install CDK
  2. Generate a SmartConnector
  3. Build and Test
  4. Start and Shutdown
  5. List and Logs
  6. Publish to SmartConnector Hub